Pet Preventative Care & Wellness Checks

Learn more about our pet preventative care and wellness checks below.

Pet Preventative Care & Wellness Checks

Preventative care is necessary for the health of your pets. Out team recommends routine wellness exams, keeping them on a vaccinations schedule, and working closely with you about all aspects of pet preventive healthcare needs

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Pet Preventative Care

Our veterinarians understand that preventative care is the hallmark of good health and long life. Preventative care visits are scheduled with the same veterinarian on a regular basis. We feel this provides the best long-term care as it gives our doctors an opportunity to really get to know your pet and better note small changes in their health. Minor changes detected on an annual exam can often signal problems your pet may be having. Earlier intervention can improve the outcome of the majority of illnesses we treat. Blood work, stool analysis, and vaccinations are also important aspects of preventative care. Vaccinations based on your pet’s lifestyle assessment will prevent disease and heartworm/flea/tick prevention can protect your pet from intestinal parasites, fleas, tick-borne disease, and Heartworm disease.

Why are wellness checks important?

Wellness examinations are the most important part of preventative healthcare for pets in all stages of life, from puppies and kittens to senior pets. They allow us to detect changes such as weight gain or loss, dental disease, and other subtle differences you may not notice at home. Many diseases become more dangerous and easier to contract as pets get older, so routine wellness exams and blood panels are particularly important for helping us detect diseases in senior pets before those diseases become serious problems.

With early diagnosis, many diseases, like dental disease, diabetes, and heart disease, can be treated, and early treatment can greatly decrease pain and improve your pet’s overall health and well-being. Early detection and treatment can also help extend your pet’s life.

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